Balancing Work and Freedom: 5 Part-Time Jobs Tailored for Barista FIRE

Posted by Financtitute on January 20, 2024 · 7 mins read

In our last post we went through in more detail how Barista FIRE works and how you could have a balance of work and freedom when planned correctly. One major aspect of Barista FIRE that comes up though is “What kind of job can I do for Barista FIRE?”. While every persons decision will be different and we can’t possibly cover every single job, I hope the 5 types we cover below can help give you ideas or give you a different perspective on what your Barista FIRE job could be.

  1. Jobs with Benefits:

    Stepping back from full-time work comes with its perks, but it also brings up a crucial question: what about health insurance? Especially in the U.S., where health coverage is often tied to your job, this is a big deal. If you’re not yet in the Medicare club (that’s 65+), you’re probably getting insurance through your employer. Finding affordable health insurance outside of employment or Medicare can feel like searching for a unicorn. Take a family of four making $100k a year; they could be shelling out around $600 monthly for insurance bought on their own, not to mention dealing with a hefty $6400 deductible.

    Now, this is where the approach of Barista Fire can be very beneficial. Securing a part-time position that includes health insurance benefits can markedly reduce your healthcare expenses. Take companies like Starbucks (Where the barista in Barista Fire came from), provide health insurance for employees who average 20 hours per week over a three-month period (Link). With a part time job like this, you not only make a bit of money but also have a large expense reduced which is health insurance.

  2. Flexible and Remote Work Options:

    The digital era has flung open the doors to a world of remote and flexible work opportunities, a trend that COVID-19 only accelerated. Now, more roles than ever can be performed from virtually anywhere—be it from the comfort of your home or while trotting the globe. Maybe your current profession already lends itself to remote work. It’s not just the IT jobs who get to enjoy this flexibility. Roles in data entry, billing, and even specialized positions like RN case managers can now be performed remotely. There is also the realm of freelance work, where you can tap into gigs like writing, virtual assistance, or online tutoring. These jobs allow you to leverage your skills and expertise on a flexible schedule, often with the ability to control your workload and income.

  3. Passion and Hobby-Related Jobs:

    Transforming a hobby or passion into a part-time job isn’t just rewarding; it’s a way to infuse your daily life with joy and fulfillment. If you’re skilled or passionate about something, why not explore job opportunities that align with your interests? The possibilities are vast. For the musically inclined, teaching music lessons could be a harmonious blend of work and pleasure. If you’re crafty, consider positions at a local craft store, where you can share your creativity and expertise with others. Fitness enthusiasts might find their niche leading exercise classes at a gym, turning their passion for health and wellness into a rewarding career.

    But the options don’t end there. Love the great outdoors? Look into guiding tours or working at a sporting goods store. Have a flair for writing? Freelance content creation or editing could be your calling. Keen on gardening? Positions at nurseries or landscape design services might be right up your alley. These roles not only allow you to immerse yourself in activities you’re genuinely enthusiastic about but also provide a source of income, making them perfect fits for the Barista FIRE lifestyle. By aligning your work with your passions, you’re not just earning a paycheck—you’re enriching your life.

  4. Low-Stress Jobs in Familiar Fields:

    For those not looking to venture too far from their current professional field, seeking part-time roles in a familiar industry can be a great option. This could involve scaling back in your present role or transitioning to a similar position with reduced hours and responsibilities. The real benefit lies in the smooth transition, allowing you to leverage your accumulated skills and expertise in a more relaxed setting. For instance, if you’re an accountant, imagine swapping the daily grind for a part time teaching position at a local community college. It’s an excellent way to share your knowledge and experience while enjoying a more flexible and less demanding work life.

  5. Seasonal and Temporary Work:

    Seasonal jobs are a fantastic match for the Barista FIRE lifestyle, offering a work pattern that blends intense periods of activity with extended breaks. This setup is perfect for those who enjoy immersing themselves fully in their work and then relishing prolonged downtime. Picture diving into tax preparations during the bustling tax season if you’re from an accounting background, joining the retail hustle during the holidays, or leading eager tourists during the high travel season. These roles not only offer a substantial income during peak times but also afford you the luxury of significant free time for the rest of the year to pursue personal passions or simply unwind. Another scenario is if you have a specialization or extensive experience from your career, you could consider stepping into consulting or contract work. This move could allow you to influence your industry positively, mentoring others with your insights while embracing the flexibility and benefits that Barista FIRE has to offer.

What Are We Doing?: For myself, I will head down the path of a hobby related job. This likely will change year to year but I find the flexibility is what is freeing. My wife on the otherhand will be transitioning to a low stress job which, for her, will be teaching in her field. She enjoys having some work structure in her life and only working 2 days would still allow her to have a ton of time to pursue other passion projects.

Choosing the right part-time job in your Barista FIRE journey is a personal decision that hinges on your financial needs, lifestyle choices, and interests. Whether you prefer the flexibility of remote work, the security of a job with benefits, or the joy of a hobby-related role, there are numerous options to explore. Remember, the goal is to find a job that not only supports your financial objectives but also enriches your life during this exciting phase of semi-retirement.